How to run a static website from Git Pages !!

Author : James Copeland

Published on : 11/8/21

Welcome to the first step on getting your site published by Github. If you aren't familar with Github, I encourage you to check out Github.

Now thats out of the way, lets get started ! 🎉

  • Go to Github login and create a repository.

  • When you name it, add

    This will turn your new repo into a website
  • After that your already half way done !!

  • Step 1

Now that we created a repository for your project, lets go ahead and create a website. If doesn't need to be fancy, it can litterally be one word, but for the purposes of this tutorial you can download the sample site to your right Example site we'll use 👉

  • Create a html and add whatever you want

  • Save your site to a location you can remember.
    This will come in handy next the next couple of steps
  • Step 2

Afer we have created a repo and created a simple site, its now to get alittle technical . This next step is the "confirmation" that you'r site is added to your repo.

  • Before we start, please go and download Github Desktop.
    This app will push our site from our computer to your repo online !
  • After you Downloaded the app, open it
  • Then click "file" and hit "clone repository"
  • Choose the repo that you made for your site.
  • It will ask where to save the Github folder, just save it on your desktop.
    This step, we're adding a folder to your PC for you to place your site in
  • After that you ready for the next step !
  • Step 3

So far, Github Desktop created a folder in your Desktop and you have placed your site into that folder ...

  • After you have added your site file to the Github Desktop repo folder, reopen your Github Desktop app.
  • If all goes accordingly , look at your Github Desktop app and you should see the screen changing. This means your site loaded correctly and is ready to be proccessed.
  • If you want to publish your site, at the bottom left corner, fill out the Summary. Only the description is optinal.
  • After that, hit the commit to master button.
  • Soon after you hit the commit to master that app should look like the image to the right.
  • If it does, hit Push Origin and congrats, you have successfully published your site to Github !!!!!!
  • Step 4

Congrats on publishing your first site with Github !! It takes about a minute or two for Github to publish it. After about 5 minutes, go ahead and type this address in the url bar [your repo name] If all goes well, it should look like the same site you downloaded but on the url [your repo name] !

  • If your wanting to learn how to run your project under your own domain, then click Github Pages : Domain Doc for that tutorial !
  • Extra Step