Welcome to my personal page. I am a web developer and a graphics student. I love making logos, icons, and web pages for friends and clients.

If you would like to get a hold of me for a future buisness collaborate, you can message me on my socials or via email.
More details coming soon

Reliable hosting company that can host your projects and services for a low cost
closed Project
Ad Central
Project that is dedicated to offering free advertising for your buisness !
In Beta

UI - UX Timeline

UI – BASHNODE | closed

Graphics Department - 2020

Hired me to make their logos and graphics. Created Social banners and icons to correspond with the company.


Graphics / Webpages - 2020

Created a collaboration and deigned mock-ups, web pages from those mockups which we pushed to a private repo for back end handling.


Full Stack Project - 2020

More details releasing soon

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