James Copeland

Web Developer / Student
Artist / Painter

Coffe Icon for Discord
Random Abstract Square
Re-created magazine article
Fully re-drawn Trumpet using Adobe Illustator
UnSparked Website concept
Clue Animation graphic done in Illustrator
Clue Animation graphic done in Illustrator
Artisan graphic for celibrating 20 years
BMW car broshure done in Illustrator
My branding mock up
Gentle Ocean Illustrator flyer
Illustrator Branding concept : Infinite Arrow
Infinite Arrow Graphic
More CX branding
Previous CX branding
Cat waiting out side. Illustrator. Part of a story line
CX logo for social media
To be honest, not sure about this one xD
Owlets Magazine cover - Illustrator + Photoshop + InDesign
Fun Creative Party invite - Illustator
Where Nature meets City - Photoshop
Xbox Game cover concept - Star Wars - Photoshop
Titanitenode Hosting moodboard
Owelets Graphics for Magazine cover - Illustrator
Doggie Training Flyer - Illustrator + Photoshop
Wizard of Oz book cover - Illustrator + InDesign

Coming Soon

Charcoal Rose
Abstract Mountian Range
3 Values of Abstract - Acrylic
Chili Still life - Color Pensil
Morning Dawning - Charcoal
Summers Mist - Charcoal
Picnic Stamp - Ink
Untitled - Charcoal
Branches Still Life - Oil Pastels
Flying Book - Oil Pastels
Sister Portrait - Pensil
Sheeps feeding - Acrylic
Midnight Dust - Color Pensil
Fruit Still life - Charcoal
Rustic Tin - Charcoal
Loons in Love - Charcoal
Taking Flight - Charcoal
Ghostly Yawn - Charcoal
Rose - Charcoal
Rose 2 - Charcoal
Winter Forest - Oils
Hanging Drape - Oils
Dragons Eye - Pen + Pensil
Mighty Dragon - Pen + Pensil
Misty Forest - Oils
First Swim - Oils
Tress Test - Oils
Morning Dew
Flower Still Life
Morning Clouds
Morning Clouds 2
Daily Routine
White Flowers Still Life
Early Rain
Morning Rise
Haning in there
Calm meets food
Dawning Mist
In Honor of my Aunt
Houston's Finist
Ahoyy theree
Flowers Still Life - Microphotography
Passing within the second
Microphotography - Flower 2
Microphotography - Baskey
Lights upon Lights
Magnolia Library
Magnolia Silos
Forth Worth
Trinity River
Age of Time
Drinks at its Finist
Christmas Morning
Clouds taking over
Morning Dew B/W
Morning Dew 2
Christmas Morning 3
Christmas Morning 4
Lounge at its finist
B/W Landscape
2 lights, 2 sources
Bubbles or not bubbles?
Trevors moment